Private events

If you have to organize a private event far away from the big city where a significant number of people will attend, solicitanos and we will create a Private network with no charge whatsoever for the users to publish their routes with the reassurance that it will only be accessible to those included in the network. This way it will be much easier to organize the trips with private or rental cars, to get to the celebration place.

Although the best option to transport the guests is a bus, sometimes it's necessary to have a private vehicle available at the destination point. If you request a private network we will create a URL (Internet link) which will only be known by the organizers and guests, and all the individual trips will be available to the attending guests.

Using Carpling to plan the trip is more comfortable, economical and quick than phone calls to arrange with whom you will be travelling. All you have to do is inform the guests of the possibility of offering their vehicle by registering their trip at Carpling, and we will automatically show them other guests with whom to travel.


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