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Have you ever had to wait more than you would have liked waiting in line for a taxi at the airport or train station? Have you ever had to come home on the last subway just because a taxi was too expensive to consider as an option? Have you ever needed a cab and simply couldn't find one?

Have you ever had your flight cancelled in the middle of the night and had no other option but taking a cab to the closest city in taxi to spend the night at a hotel making an expense with no guarantee that the airline would pay it back?

The smartphone application "Carpling - Share Taxi" is the first one that connects you with people who you can leave along the way or that can leave you along theirs, and therefore greatly increases the possibilities of findings route companions compared with more traditional methods which only introduces people with routes that have identical origins and destinations.

In addition, the application also indicates the coincidence percentage of your routes and calculates the proportional cost for each one, saving you extra hassle.

Try it, share it... save time and money in your trips, and don't ever get stranded again on a night out, at the airport early in the morning or simply in line for an hour waiting for your turn for a taxi.

And remember, sharing a taxi does not mean you have to maintain a conversation, like on the subway or bus. When you share a taxi you can simply say hello and indicate your preferences. Although if it is a trip you repeat frequently, we recommend you to at least ask the other person if he or she also does so, in order to be able to meet for future trips.


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Shirley is looking for a lift (daily).

3 hours ago

Zach is either offering a lift or looking for one (once only).

13 hours ago

Meagan is either offering a lift or looking for one (once only).

1 day ago

Ani is offering a lift (once only).

2 days ago

Alba is looking for a lift (once only).

2 days ago

Alba has just met Guillermo to save money and resources.

2 days ago

Malvina is looking for a lift (daily).

2 days ago

Blanca wants to share a taxi (once only).

2 days ago

Max is looking for a lift (daily).

4 days ago