Universities: Sharing car with other students or professors of your university

Universities and other study centers are places which congregate an elevated number of students and professors. Also, many of them are located at the outskirts of the cities, where public transportation can sometimes be surprisingly more expensive and take much longer than private vehicles. Not to mention that in most cases it is difficult to park no matter how large the parking lot is.

Now you have another alternative to private vehicles or public transportation since you can meet other people with whom you can share a ride to class. It's likely that you will save time and money on your daily commutes, and you will definitely contribute to a vital goal like reducing global warming gases.

If it still doesn't exist, we would appreciate if you could send an e-mail to Carpling in order for us to create a network for your university, to which only people from that network can have access.

This way you can offer professors and students the possibility of organizing their daily transportation better, and since it's a private area, your personal information and routes will be only accessible by other members of your group. In other words, your privacy and security are guaranteed .

If during the week you live in the city where you study, but many weekends you travel home, you can also publish your route in order to meet other people with who to share expenses on those trips.

If you already share your car in your trips but still have free spaces, publish the trip anyway to offer the spot to somebody to whom it might be of interest.


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