Muy Interesante (Spanish Magazine) August 2011. Diamant Project.

According to Spanish magazine “Muy Interesante”, August 2011, “33 million liters is the amount of fuel drivers waste daily in traffic jams in Germany.”

As the country is seeking a solution to traffic jams, they are developing new ways of keeping drivers and authorities informed every second about road conditions so other drivers can be prevented from hitting heavy traffic. The project is called Diamant, and ensures that if 5 per 1000 vehicles could carry a device for transmitting information about the traffic, they could warn authorities who may reduce speed limits when traffic intensifies, as we know a slow but constant flow is more efficient than constantly accelerating and breaking.

Such information would include average speed, stops, acceleration and hard braking, and could alert other drivers immediately before becoming stuck in a jam. Undoubtedly, information is vital to act in the prevention of traffic jams, but the solution to such a complex problem will not come from a unique action. It will take several factors to be able to say goodbye to traffic jams.

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