Taxi Sharing by Carpling: the new and advanced smartphone application

Hi there,

we wrote this post to introduce you here the most advanced Cab-sharing application that has been developed for the Internet and smart-phones, since it is not limited to only search for travel companions whose origin and destination matches yours, but also studies your entire route and the other potential traveler’s routes. Here we summarize its main features:

– shows who you can pick up or leave along the way, or whoever can pick you up or leave you along theirs.

– takes into account times of departure and arrival to introduce only people that suit you.

– tells you what percentage of the route matches.

– calculates the part of the total cost of the trip each must pay.

No need to come home by subway or bus from the airport, railway station, or after an afternoon or evening out. Share a taxi and pay only a little more than if you were travelling by public transport.

Happy Carpling!

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