Companies: sharing vehicle with fellow employees

If you work in a business with a considerable amount of employees, and is located in a business park or industrial area, it's highly probable you'll meet workers with whom to share trips to work and back.

And better yet, if you don't limit the search to people who live near you, but also people who live along your routeand who you can pick up on the way or that can pick you up, you're sure to meet people to carpool with.

Create a group of contacts with whom to share trips to work through Carpling and you will soon find out that once you have enough, you'll never end up stranded. It looks difficult and complicated at the beginning, but you will soon see the benefits in time and money.

¬°Extra time and money for anything you want!It's worth the try and if you are also worried about the environment and the planet we live in, you should try it out. There's no reason not to, but if you do, just send us an e-mail to Carpling and we will be more than willing to read it. Reducing traffic jams and pollution is everybody's problem, even if you don't even own a car, so the next time you find yourself trapped at rush hour think about it and weigh the pros and cons of trying out our idea.

In carpling we put private networks at any company's disposal upon request. If you register and access through your company's private area, your personal information or routes published will only be seen by other members which are also part of the same network. Nevertheless, you also have the option to publish routes, enabling any registered member of Carpling to see them. This way, a same account can be used for your private network and for all of your personal trips using carpling, simultaneously.

Request a private area for your company at Carpling with no obligation whatsoever. In a couple of hours you will have it all ready for a test drive, and if you like it you can use it free of charge for a trial period.Otherwise, we will close the group with no additional hassle for your company. In addition, the whole service is on the cloud, so no installation or integration is necessary.


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Omotokunbo is looking for a lift (once only).

1 hour ago

Shed is offering a lift (once only).

14 hours ago

Sergio is either offering a lift or looking for one (daily).

22 hours ago

Katelynn is looking for a lift (once only).

24 hours ago

Juanito is offering a lift (daily).

1 day ago

Steve is looking for a lift (once only).

2 days ago

Sergio is offering a lift (daily).

2 days ago

Sergio is offering a lift (daily).

2 days ago

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