For privacy reasons we only show other users's information to registered members in this community.

In Carpling your personal information is only available to other members of this community.The trips you publish will only be visible to other registered users that have published a similar route, i.e. to whom it may be of real interest.

In Carpling we do not generate an Internet address (URL) with information about your routes or other personal data. Therefore, search engines such as Google © cannot access them: you will never appear in their results.

For someone to see your personal info, or something as irrelevant as your name, it it necessary to access Carpling with a registered account and for that person to enter a route similar to your own for you to appear as a result when someone carries out a search.

If you want to meet people with whom to share your daily commutes, you have to publish directions close to your address, and directions close to your study or work place, this is why it is important to keep this information as private possible, and only show it to whom it may really be of interest.

Also, when you register the only information necessary is your full name and an e-mail address. Any additional information is optional, although we recommend you to fill it in to make it easier for other users to get to know you and how to contact you.

If you have a Facebook account, and you have configured it with the maximum privacy so only your friends can see your Wall, pictures or personal information, you will like to see that Carpling also takes care of your privacy.


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Shed is offering a lift (once only).

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Katelynn is looking for a lift (once only).

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Sergio is offering a lift (daily).

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