Neither Google © nor internet surfers which are not members of this community are able to see your personal info or the routes that you have published. In addition, Carpling incorporates a search engine designed to raise the probabilities of finding travel companions, and only shows you the results that may be of your interest saving you the time and effort of sorting through results which don’t fit in your dates or schedules.

1. Companies: sharing vehicle with fellow employees

There are many co-workers with which you could share a car to go to work. Meet them at Carpling and try out a new and efficient way to move through your city or province! more...

2. Universities: Sharing car with other students or professors of your university

Another way to meet colleagues, another way to get to and from your university, in a private, secure and confortable manner. Look for fellow students with which to go to your university, and you are most likely to find enough to even be able to choose. more...

3. Taxi-pooling

Carpling looks for Taxi companions that you can drop at any point of your route or that can leave you at any point of theirs. And to save you the hassle of calculating how much each one of you has to pay, Carpling does the numbers for you! more...

4. Private events

Marriages, birthday parties, celebrations, reunions... If your going to organize an event for a great number of people, with Carpling you can offer them a simple alternative way of organizing the transport to the celebration spot. more...

5. Public events

Motorcycle and car races, rallys, concerts, exposicions, regional celebrations, etc. Don’t lose a single one because of not having a way to get there, or money for the trip. more...

Carpling Activity ©

Monica is offering his/her parking place to share expenses.

6 hours ago

Marcos is either offering a lift or looking for one (daily).

10 hours ago

Erika is looking for a lift (daily).

12 hours ago

Kumar is either offering a lift or looking for one (daily).

19 hours ago

Maria has just met Angeles to save money and resources.

21 hours ago

Irene is looking for a lift (daily).

1 day ago

Elisabet is looking for a lift (once only).

1 day ago

Lorena is looking for a parking place to share expenses.

1 day ago

Hardip is offering a lift (once only).

2 days ago

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