Security recommendations

Similar to any everyday event, meeting new people to organize better daily transport can present some inconveniences or embarrassing situations. For example, someone could think the real intentions of the people we are about to meet are not totally honest.

Nevertheless, the risk is similar to that of any other incident that could happen to us in any other activity. Any potential criminal activity through a social network like Carpling is easily traceable, since any activity on internet leaves a trail that can be followed.

In Carpling we recommend meeting the person before sharing cars, and this can be done easily through social networks, phone calls, or more traditional methods like meeting for coffee. Whether we like it or not, Internet reveals a great amount of information about every one of us, with which we can get a general impression of the person that we have found through Carpling.

In any case, we recommend that you never publish the exact location of your home as it is not necessary. Any nearby location is more than enough to serve as a meeting point. Never publish your address on the net, and much less on portals which can be accessed by anyone around the world.

We guarantee that your personal information or the route you publish will only reach other registered members in this community. Moreover, for somebody to find you they must publish a route similar to yours. In Carpling it is not possible to “snoop around” other people's routes if you haven't published a route before. Your privacy and security is always our first concern.


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Maria is looking for a parking place to share expenses.

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Susana is looking for a parking place to share expenses.

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Lupe is looking for a parking place to share expenses.

1 hour ago

Laura is looking for a parking place to share expenses.

3 hours ago

Ana is offering a lift (daily).

8 hours ago

Hardik is looking for a lift (once only).

9 hours ago

Kevin is either offering a lift or looking for one (weekends).

9 hours ago

Param is looking for a lift (once only).

10 hours ago

Iago has just met Irene to save money and resources.

14 hours ago

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